Sunday, February 26, 2012

2013 Oscar Predictions, A Year Early, and Maybe Too Late

All of these will be right, unless the Mayans get to us first. 
Prediction: They won't. 

Best Picture:

The Dark Knight Rises- They gave an award to the third of LOR, I think if this movie is as good as everyone expects, it has to be considered the favorite. However, it might be so well liked, that Hollywood voters will decide they don’t like it anymore.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey- Will be visually stunning, will be well acted. And Peter Jackson taking over a project this large from Del Toro has to put him in the top runners for Best Director. Del Toro Leaves

Django Unchained- Tarantino takes on slavery, another revenge flick, but expect the most racist language you’ve ever heard, there will be n-bombs all over the place.

The Master- Paul Thomas Anderson is a favorite, films are always strong with great camera work and perfomances. Just think of the sequence shots in Boogie Nights The shot. I can’t imagine this changing with this film.

Untitled Terrence Malick project: Untitled, I’m in, the man takes a long time to write even titles it appears, but two years and two films. Strange.  I can only assume he needed to get this out because it was too good to keep inside for 15 years.

1. This is 40- The category needs a surefire comedy. This is it, and with Apatow writing and directing this will resonate. If not nominated people will be more upset than when Bridesmaids wasn’t.

2.Gatsby- A movie already over budget, at this time they stand at 125 million budget. However, I believe this to be a meta quote to show the extravagence of that the Roaring Twenties.

WINNER DARK KNIGHT RISES: Yes. And may ruin the Batman franchise because no sequel or restart will ever be as good. Thanks Nolan. And so goes Best Director, although the take over by Jackson may be more impressive feat.

Best Actor:

Jamie Foxx: For Django Unchained. Strong black leading role, not many out there in the first place, then add a writer like Tarantino. This is a done deal. Jamie Foxx will become the only African American actor with 2 best actor awards. And he deserves it.

Robert DeNiro: For Being Flynn. People are very excited about this performance and for good reason. DeNiro has been missing in action for a while, while still bringing everything he can to the roles he is offered. Definitely will give Foxx a run for his money in this category, nostalgia has to factor in. Trailer

Leonardo DiCaprio: Gatsby, he couldn’t get the nom for J Edgar, but here we go, taking on one of the greatest roles in American novels. If he doesn’t get in on Best Actor, he may go for Supporting.

Paul Rudd: For This is 40. Rudd always excellent, no one quite plays nerdy the way he does. He’s going to dig into this though and may walk away with a nomination.

WINNER: Jamie Foxx.

Best Actress:

Meryl Streep for something, I’m not even checking if she’s making a movie this year.

Rachel McAdams: For Untitled Terrence Malick Film
Might be so good, we will relook at her performance in Sherlock Holmes.

Leslie Mann: For This is 40
One of the best comic actresses of the last 15 years. She will shine in this, with a role tailored by her husband, who knows her strengths better than anyone.

LOSER: Meryl Streep, duh. Losses and 2 wins

Best Supporting:

Kerry Washington: For Django Unchained. Best supporting actress, strong actress strong role. Done deal.

Whitney Houston: For Sparkle. If the movie is good at all, then she will get a nod. You know what, even if the movie isn’t, she still has a shot.

Anne Hathaway: For Dark Knight Rises as Catwoman. But judging how much she will be in the film, she really should be considered for Best Actress, however Heath Ledger wasn’t despite screen time. She will either win or won’t get nominated. Great or nothing.

WINNER: WHITNEY It’s going to be a moment, could be ruined by Bobby Brown accepting, but I bet he redeems himself as well.

Supporting Actor:

Tom Cruise: For Rock of Ages, very, very possible. Tom Cruise’s comeback will be complete. He’s already proven that he can be good and bring back the box office returns. He never lost that loving feeling though. Trailer

Django Unchained: will have at least one supporting actor nominated: Kurt Russell, Samuel L, Gordon Levitt, Don Johnson, Christopher Waltz. The odds are good, especially with Tarantino writing.

The Master: One supporting for this as well. Reason: PTA. Anderson always writes for the supporting actors like a god, go back and watch Magnolia or Boogie Nights, every supporting actor could be potentially nominated for those films. Look for Phillip Seymour to come out on top in the film.

John Goodman: For Trouble with the Curve. Goodman has always been a great supporting actor, no wins though. He and Clint hanging out should be fun. It helped Morgan Freeman.

Longshot: Kevin Costner: For Man of Steel  Did you see this man’s eulogy Whitney Eulogy? He appeared as the wisest man on earth with humor and insights. He’s charming and we miss him. And he may ride in on the Whitney Factor.

WINNER: TOM CRUISE- payback for Top Gun not sweeping every award category back in the day. TOP GUN according to Tarantino

However, I still believe in Nic Cage in the Charlie Kaufman (Being John Malkovich, Adaptation-Cage already nominated for this) penned musical Frank or Francis. Only he can destroy Cruise. Depends if it is released in time. 

Everyone from Best Picture and throw in Woody Allen.

WINNER: DARK KNIGHT RISES, unless it is considered adapted.

Best Adapted:
All the best pictures that were adapted and throw in:

Gambit: Best Adapted Screenplays, got to love the Coen Brothers, but why didn’t they direct this?

WINNER: DARK KNIGHT RISES, unless it is considered original.

Those are your winners, sorry for the spoilers a year early. Tomorrow, the 2014 Oscars. I can’t be stopped.

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  1. I've noticed youve forgotten "best" foreign film.

    Disappointing to see another ethnocentric film critic

  2. Holy shit. There's a lot of good movies coming out this year. Btw, if you wanna read the script for GAMBIT, I have it somewhere. 2011 seems pretty shitty in comparison.