Monday, February 20, 2012

Batman: b. May 1939- July 20th 2012

(I have not seen the film, but this may contain POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

 I am the bearer of bad news: Batman will and must die.

The culprit? No villian.

Instead, director Christopher Nolan will finally bury the Caped Crusader.

He will be held responsible , but then again so are WE.

I am not the first, however to bring the news. Many have already announced the possible death of Batman after the release of the poster "The Legend Ends." They have cited specific plot points in the comics and movies in order to predict his doom.

I, on the other hand, will delve into the mind of the killer.

Recently at Superhero cocktail parties, every time Batman walks in, the room gets really quiet. There's a sort of unwritten rule that we aren't supposed to talk about the death of one our own, but when we see him a chill travels down our spine.

Even Superman whispered to me, "Why so serious?" He jests of course, but what better time for Batman to die when Superman has Man of Steel coming out.

Batman was- is a great guy. He even let me dress up as the Riddler to his birthday party when we were kids. Which makes it all the worse that I know he will die and he doesn't. And... I know who his killer will be.

We have backed Mr. Nolan into a corner, he has no other choice, it's justifiable homicide. Because WE, the public, made him do it.

We are expecting too much from this movie, we have built it up for 4 years since Heath Ledger first appeared as the Joker. As soon as that movie was over and we wanted more. More.

Four years of non-stop anticipation waiting for a release.

We chomped at the bit for poster releases or press photos or snapshots of Catwoman's suit. Midnight showings on Fandango are already selling out. Hell, I remember my friends saying that their one wish was not to die before they see it, they were 18 at the time.

We've created a film in our head that no matter what Nolan produces, he will never match. The movie has to be more than perfect, more than flawless for it to come close to what we want it to be.

The movie must at once touch all of us personally and reach a giant mass public, which very few films have ever done, especially with this kind of pressure.

It also most overcome the shadow of Heath Ledger and the Joker. That movie has mystical ora because of his untimely demise. Watching a person destroy himself for a role, whether we admit it or not, only adds to our revery in it.

With this, comes the fact, that have to be not just better than The Dark Knight, but much much better because it'll have to surpass our love of that film: our rosy red nostalgia for it and our own past.

In the end, the movie will never reach our expectations.

But if anyone can do it, it's Nolan. That's why he has to kill Batman. Nolan must commit an act that no one has ever been willing to think of in a superhero movie yet, and that's kill the main hero.

It is an unthinkable act for an unthinkable ending to an unthinkable movie.

He has no choice because even if this film is great and better than The Dark Knight,
WE'LL be hungry for something better than it:

Another Batman film.

And that's simply too much for any man or superhero to take on.

The Dark Knight will rise on July 20th, 2012 and will fall around 3 hours later.

NOTE: I will be holding a funeral for Batman closer to the release of the movie, so we can all share our memories of our soon to be fallen hero. 

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