Friday, February 17, 2012

In Disguise

9 AM.


Berkeley. 25AC: Drama of American Cultures.

The Professor asks, like she does everyday, if anyone has any announcements.

A young upstart student shoots his hand up.

The Professor, unsuspectingly, chooses him. Little does she know, that student is the Hollywood Defender in disguise.

I spoke:
“Hi my name is Vladimir Monstroff. I work for an organization called THD, which is designed to support former bay area artists with new projects. This weekend THD is proud to welcome back an artist that studied at the American Conservatory Theater and continues to promote the elite status of that institution. So I urge you to check out Ghost Rider Spirit of a Vengeance in 3D starring Nic Cage, former resident artist.”

The students laugh.

I tell them that, “Whoever laughed, WILL NOT, repeat, WILL NOT receive a flyer.”

I continue:

“I saw it last night at midnight and let me tell you it was quite incredible. Spend the extra money on the 3D glasses your eyes will thank you. With this flyer, your tickets will be somewhere under 25 dollars. “

I then proceed to pass out flyers.

The Professor: “Ok…”

As if The Hollywood Defender had destroyed the purity of morning announcements.

The Hollywood Defender

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