Thursday, February 16, 2012


Every true hero needs a nemesis.

Someone who represents the very antithesis of my being.

The Luther to my Superman, The Joker to my Batman, The Nightmare to my Ghost Rider.

In my case, his name is:

Roger Ebert.

The man, if we can even call him that, dismisses movies with the simple turn of a thumb. His negativity knows no bounds as he uses his pen to propagandize against Hollywood. He asks why so many “bad” movies are made, but movies are the very reason he exists.

We have had many a battle and yet we still live.

Don’t let his current state fool you, he still possesses all his powers. And I’m sure our battle will be renewed tonight after he reviews Ghost Rider Spirit of a Vengeance.

The table is set.

Your move, Ebert.

The Hollywood Defender

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