Saturday, March 3, 2012

Coming Soon TV

The networks are buying up new pilots. What's a pilot? I'll let Samuel L. Jackson explain. I have compiled a list of the ones I loved the most, it was like picking a favorite child. But my parents picked a favorite (my brother), so I figured I could as well. You can view all my children at The Hollywood ReporterThe following are my favorites:

Animal Kingdom
Logline: An office comedy revolving around a House-like veterinarian who loves animals but typically hates their owners.
Cast: Justin Kirk, Tyler Labine, Bobby Lee

“House with animals” might be my new favorite phrase. I already miss Dr. House even though he isn't off the air yet. This will be a perfect replacement. I suspect the “Wilson” role will be performed by a witty talking parrot that rests on the Vet’s shoulder and aids him in operations. This show has great possibilities because it will include a case in each episode that he has to solve, assuming pets have as many diseases as us. Not to mention the veterinary world has never been explored in depth before, especially from a comic eye besides Dr. Doolittle. A Doctor with insults to owners who are grieving will be awesome. I hope in the first episode that the Vet will have to perform a surgery on a simple household goldfish, despite how much he tries to convince a child that it isn’t worth it.

Go On
Logline: An irreverent yet charming sportscaster tries to move on from loss and finds solace from the members of his mandatory group therapy sessions.
Matthew Perry, Julie White, Suzy Nakamura

Matthew Perry is back again. His last two shows were not renewed after the first season (Mr. Sunshine, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.) I am hoping for Perry that third time will be a charm. Perry as a sportscaster seems like a perfect fit for his brand of sarcastic humor. But the main reason I’m rooting for the show is because Matt LeBlanc’s Episodes was renewed on Showtime and I do not want there to be any animosity between the only friends I had from (1994-2004).

666 Park Ave.
Logline: When a young couple accepts an offer to manage one of the most historic apartment buildings in New York City, they unwittingly begin to experience supernatural occurrences, which complicate and endanger the lives of everyone in the building. Based on the book by Gabriella Pierce.
Cast: Terry O'Quinn, Dave Annable, 
Rachael Taylor

Sounds like a mix of The Others and Room 1408. By the way, I had to stop watching the Others because it was too scary, even though I had the light on, it was the middle of the day, and I had a gun next to me. I can only hope this will be as terrifying and mix a rich history of ghost stories with a relevant present.

Logline: Based on the DC Comics title, published by DC Entertainment, this hourlong drama is a modern retelling of the legendary DC Comics character Green Arrow.
Stephen Amell, Paul Blackthorne (second position to ABC's The River), Jamey Sheridan, David Ramsey, Colin Donnell, Susanna Thompson, Katie Cassidy, Willa Holland

Superhero show. We need this. We don’t have enough Superhero films and we certainly don’t have enough superhero television shows. The Green Arrow is just the superhero to fill this drastic need. There’s actually another hero called just Arrow, and I think he should have his own show too.

Super Fun Night
Logline: Revolves around three nerdy female friends on their "funcomfortable" quest to have "super fun" every Friday night.
Cast: Rebel Wilson
Team: W/co-EP Rebel Wilson, EP Conan O'Brien, Jeff Ross, David Kissinger

My only complaint is that I’m going to want to imitate their “super fun” Fridays, so I am begging for this to be aired on at least Wednesday so that I have enough time to coordinate with my DVD box set of Friends. It’ll be like hanging with the Bridesmaids for 22 episodes and this is safe to assume with comic icons RoastmasterGeneral Ross and Conan O’Brien.


Beautiful People
Logline: An imaginative and thematically rich ensemble "what-if" drama set 10 minutes in the future where families of mechanical human beings exist to service the human population -- until some of the mechanicals begin to "awaken."
Cast: James Murray, Patrick Heusinger, Frances Conroy, Andrea Parker, Jud Tylor, Megalyn Echikunwoke, Madisen Beatey, Cody Christian, David Conrad, Tovah Feldshuh, Ernie Hudson (r)

Definitely the most complicated logline on the list, but what a beauty. The words “10 minutes” in the future are mind boggling. Only 10 minutes, I'm already thinking about time in a completely different way. In honor of that, I am now going to wait 10 minutes before I type my next sentence and list the things that have changed… not surprisingly I now am the proud owner of a mustache and a beard, I just had the longest sex of my life, and like the mechanical beings I am more “awake.” Best case scenario is that this show is The Help meets The Terminator, that sounds so cool I can barely stand it. Praying that the title song is “You are Beautiful” by Aguilera while a machine kills its owner. I’m setting my TiVo now, just kidding, I’m watching it live.

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