Friday, March 16, 2012

Dark Shadows, Trailers, and Johnny Depp

Once in awhile we see Johnny Depp having fun again, in a Jack Sparrowy way. Sometimes Johnny Depp has so much fun on screen that it’s contagious, you get excited the same way that you get excited at the end of an Entourage episode wishing you had that life.

As much as Depp was criticized for the last Pirates movie link  The Tourists for that matter, it appears he’ll be back for critical vengeance in Dark Shadows.

Dark Shadows, based on a TV show of the same name, follows a vampire who awakes in 1972. Depp appears to be at his deadpan goon best. The film has the feeling of the Adams Family films, which may result in a welcomed twist on the vampire genre. And we get this all from the trailer.

There’s something about a great trailer that gives us everything we need to know. It can either excite into frenzy or have us turn to the person next to us and say, “Yeah… no.” (I’ve never said this). But what makes a great trailer?

1.     Opening- Dark and then theme music, possibly a swoosh noise before the music. Classic.  
2.     Narration- As much as we all love Don LaFontaine THE NARRATOR, there’s something about the star’s narration that gives the trailer that extra ump. It immediately puts us in the world of the movie and establishes the main charater’s personality whether directly or indirectly. Plus there’s nothing like hearing Morgan Freeman, or Gary Oldman , and now Johnny Depp.
3.     Songs- Think Of Anchorman and the incredible revival of
“Carry on my Wayward Son.Anchorman
4.     Nailing even the “cheesy” jokes- You never want to see the best jokes because then the movie isn’t going to be that funny. You want to have the movie hit on throw-away jokes in the trailer. And in this Depp delivers on the “songstress” joke, which not many could pull off.
5.     Special Element: This trailer contains the switch, we think we are going to see another Vampire movie and then we hear “1972.” The switch establishes the genre and then turns it on its head.

In the trailer, Depp has found another role to sink his teeth, the problem is we have to wait for the movie. 

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