Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In Defense of Courtney, The Bachelor

SPOILERS after the best picture on earth.

Women hate Courtney, it’s a fact. It’s cause she’s completely like any woman that has ever existed. You tell me one instance when a woman would talk behind another woman’s back, you tell me one instance when a woman would do something extreme to get a man.  One example, go for it.

But despite this, what can I say? I love Courtney. Love her. Love her hair. Love her personality. Love her cute little voice. She has everything a guy could want from sleek eyebrows to her pure enjoyment in ripping others.

Courtney ripped other girls as if she was in our peanut gallery at home. We, the viewers,  all had comments about all the women, judging their looks and personality. But the difference between us and Courtney, she had the gall to actually say it on television. In my opinion, she was the most authentic woman on the show, despite her “evilness” behind the scenes in interviews. She understood that it was a competition, one of the few girls to actually acknowledge this.

We like to pretend that Ben and every other girl gets up every morning and stares off a balcony or out a window for hours at a time, when they are contemplating something. Or that Ben rotates a wedding ring in his hand in order to send a perfect ray of sunshine into the camera lens. These are things we take for granted and ignore because we want them to happen, it’s our perfect vision of romance.

Courtney lies on the other end of the spectrum, she was exposing things that we didn’t want to be real. Going skinny dipping in order to gain an edge despite the rules, emotionally manipulating Ben and driving the other women insane by celebrating being given a rose with a skip (when all the other rose receivers were skipping on the inside.) She said one thing in the interview and then would smile and giggle with Ben. It wasn’t that she was fake, it was that she was real, she wasn’t consistent, she wasn’t begging us to like her. She never hid things from the camera and especially knew how to play the game.

 She always asked Ben for more, while with other women Ben kept asking things from them, namely 2nd place Lindsey. Ben had to win Courtney, not the other way around, she became The Bachelorette on The Bachelor. Even in the After the Final Rose post finale special, Courtney couldn’t have come off better, she was not the one who left Ben, she was not the one who may have been kissing someone. Instead, she was the one who spent Valentine’s Day in tears. She made us question again, is she being real or is she manipulating us?

Courtney was almost rubbing our faces in the falsity and constructed-ness of the most romantic show on television, what we want our dream dates to be like. Maybe she worried us that true romance doesn’t exist in grand gestures and lies in something we can’t understand like a romance between Ben and the sexiest woman alive Courtney. 

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