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Multitask TV

We are all too busy to sit down and be completely absorbed by television and not move or leave the house during the weekend like I do. There are certain shows which require all of us, see HBO’s impressive drama Luck (I’ve never been more confused and fascinated in a pilot, I felt as if it should have come with a user guide). But what about other shows that are less taxing, which ones are fun to watch while I work? So I have created a list of new shows that you can watch while multitasking. I’ve gone through ON DEMAND and tried to watch as many new shows as possible, so your work can be less soul sucking.

Angry Boys
Most racist show on television right now has an Australian (Chris Lilley) in Black face and also doubles as an overbearing Japanese Mother who markets her son as a gay skateboarder even though he isn't.

Full of the most quotables that you can’t use in decent society, for instance “Gay style” a trend set by the Japanese mother, who pronounces "online" as “onRine.”

Part to Look up from Computer: S’mouse rapping “Slap my Elbow”, “Hey You at the Animal Zoo”, and the most racist “Crushed Nigger” (don’t get this stuck in your head, bad idea). Hopefully you will also enjoy his nipple-less shirt.  

Best Part for Multitasking: Filmed in short sections and skits without a detailed grand narrative involved. In addition, you don’t have to begin at the first episode, join in at any episode and you’ll understand the characters and jokes. Bonus: By not paying complete attention, it doesn’t make you completely racist.

Law and Order with fairy tales.

Part to Look up for: The performance of Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) is consistently strong, he's a werewolf who has reformed into a vegetarian. Also watch for any appearance by Reggie Lee (Asian cop), who jokes at every murder and has never said anything completely serious in the show’s 15 episode duration. My favorite Lee performance is when his character disappears for two episodes without any explanation. 

Best Part of Multitasking: Mysteries are not complicated and generally they give away the killer in the first half. With this same theme, the character backstories and the larger narratives of Nick Burdkhardt’s past are less complicated than other “discoveries your past” shows like Lost. Most of the episodes are not even connected, if it lasts long enough, you’ll see repeats on USA or TNT.

Comic Book Men
Four friends run a comic book store. It’s like a return to “40 Year Old Virgin’s” Circuit City work place. The guys just screw with each other, make nerdy comic book jokes, and price/buy rare items.

Part to Look up for: Anytime they discuss hypothetical comic book situations or fantasies.

Best Part of Multitasking: Reality Television never requires total involvement, however this has an Entourage feel of hanging out with your boys even when you are doing your work.

House of Lies
Showtime starring Don Cheadle

The ins and outs of a consulting firm team, a very sexualized and dirty team. 

Part to Look up for: It boasts some of the most disturbing sexual moments I’ve seen. One includes, Mormons, anal sex, and undigested corn. Enough said. You have to watch that part. Enough said… again.

Best Part for Multitasking: This has the Entourage/True Blood trend of showing breasts quite a lot. This may interrupt some of your work, but hey everybody needs a break.


A behind the curtain look at Broadway.

Part to Look up for: When Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers seduces a woman and takes her back to his room…
For Sex.
That deserved it’s own line because the moment just shatters all my illusions about the Jonas Brothers. I’m glad Nick has decided to explore his dark side.

Best Part of Multitasking: Most watchable show that your girlfriend will also enjoy and Nick Jonas seducing women. I am not sure how many times I am going to have to type that so that you will believe me. But it happens. Nick Jonas seduces women. And you could learn a thing or two from him. We all could.

Life’s Too Short

A mockumentary about dwarf actor Warwick Davis of Star Wars, Willow, and Harry Potter fame.

Part to Look up for: Celebrity cameos. Like Ricky Gervais’ other Hollywood satire, he has a load of famous actors interact with Warwick in the strangest ways. Bests so far: Johnny Depp studying Warwick so he can learn to play a dwarf and Liam Neeson wanting to break into comedy.

Best Part for Multitasking: Episodes follow a similar format, the jokes set up are very constructed so you can just tune in for those.

¡Rob! (so good that I looked up how to do an upside down explanation)
CBS starring Rob Schneider

A man marries a woman and must deal with her large Mexican family (racist yes, but this is the premise exactly)

Best Part for Multitasking: The format follows every classic family comedy every made. In an era of comedies that try to break the mold, this one returns to an old mode that we all know and probably miss. It's so dated that it feels new. You know what is going to happen, but the jokes along the way are the fun.

Part to Look up for: Hector. Hector. Hector. Played by Eugenio Erbez. I am predicting at least an Emmy nomination for him if not a win. He says and delivers some of the most unpredictable jokes that hardly make sense. 

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