Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nic Cage, Where are You?

I have a problem.  A Nicolas Cage movie is being released this Friday March 16th, yet within 100 miles of me, there is not one theater showing it. I am distraught.

What does it mean for a person to have interests so outside what people like that it lies at least hundreds of miles away from where he is?

I assume this means I am the biggest loser within a 100 miles (unlikely, I live in Berkeley). But it also means I can’t see Nic Cage play a high school English teacher. It means I can’t watch Nic Cage hunt down Guy Pearce in Seeking Justice. It means I won't get to see him be a badass. 

But what it ultimately means, is that it is going to be more difficult to see my favorite actor from now on in anything. I thought Ghost Rider 2 was going to be the come back, I worked my ass off to promote the film, creating fliers, live tweeting it, making an announcement in a lecture and yet it seems only overseas cares about Nic anymore and is willing to pay to see him. And I thought that movie was highly entertaining, the action sequences were the best I’ve seen since the Dark Knight. It was gritty and dark,  and as always Nic Cage pissed fire/excellence.

Nic and I go way back, I’ve written college papers about him, I’ve written a script about him, and own a book just because an illustration on its cover looks like him. See below:

But my first memory of Mr. Cage begins with my Dad. Dad would sneak me into to see pieces of Con Air in the theater before taking us to see Air Bud. Nic Cage was watching a car floating behind their massive plane to which he responded: “On any other day that would seem strange.” That was our first meeting, a glimpse into the world of R-rated, but my Dad broke Mom’s rules to show me how awesome this scene was. My Dad still has the uncanny ability to turn that movie on at the exact time when the line is said.

I’m praying for a revival with the new Charlie Kaufman (Being John Malkovich) film Frank or Francis, which will be a musical, luckily he wrote an Oscar Nominated role for Nic in Adaptation

And now here I am and a Nic Cage movie can’t be found in theaters and I say, “On any other day that would seem strange.” But I should have seen it coming, too many box-office failures and critical failures are pushing his movies farther away from theaters. I watched Trespass on ON DEMAND, the weekend it opened, ordered it for 4 bucks. Never in my lifetime did I think I would see his movies would be relegated to an opening on ON DEMAND. And now with Seeking Justice I don’t even get that, it’s not strange anymore, but I'll never get used to it. 

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  1. Your not alone in the love of Nic Cage. I am lucky enough to get to see his movies in theatres though because I live in Canada. I go to every movie at least 3-4 times while they are in the theatre, and ghostrider 2 is still showing here. I own 49 of his dvd and im looking to get more, his older stuff if hard to find in canada, even on amazon. But he is definitly the most versitile acor on the planet and I look forward to many more years of Nicky Cage movies. Keep up the support, and lets enjoy him where he is best, on the big screen

  2. I live in New Jersey and Seeking Justice is coming out in quite a few theaters. I even saw a tv spot during Saturday Night Live last weekend

  3. I haven't received ANY announcement on his GHOST RIDER 2 yet until today! I am getting pissed off due to my country's policy. Damn! >.< Now, I want to watch his SEEKING JUSTICE but haven't heard anyone's interest to watch it. =(( Damn! Did they seriously hate Nicolas?? What's wrong with him then?? OMG!!! I super hate haters!!! >.< Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr~