Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Razzies: Hollywood's Worst

It’s that time of year when The Golden Raspberry’s are handed out, another award show to honor Hollywood stars, however this time it is for their “futility.” The Raspberry’s are better known as the The Razzies and some of my favorite flicks and actors are nominated this year. And it’s not funny.

Of note is that many of these actors are legends of Hollywood

You can join the Razzie voting community for $40. For $500 dollars you can be put on their mailing list and 50 of your friends get to vote for the awards. Buying votes? That never happens in the form of gift baskets. So it’s rigged, which explains the nominees.


Russell Brand, Arthur 
Nicolas Cage, 
Drive Angry / Season of the Witch / Trespass 
Taylor Lautner, 
Abduction/The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 
Adam Sandler, 
Jack and Jill / Just Go With It 
Nick Swardson, 
Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star 

First off, let me point out that, you shouldn’t be able to be nominated for three films in one category. Second, Nic Cage should never be nominated.

 I have a hard time explaining to people that Cage is incredible and is the most fearless actor in Hollywood. He makes movies that most certainly others would question the idea of even reading the script. He does not play it safe, he stretches his limits in extreme ways. Who else would play a man who escaped from Hell to defend his daughter in 3D in Drive Angry 3D? Who else would play a Crusader transporting a witch in order to prevent the black plague? The answer is no one. And it isn’t that these are bad projects, it’s that Nic Cage believes in passion projects, he does what he wants and does not care if he appeals to critics. The man owned a castle, he buys haunted mansions, and studied in the haunted woods for Ghost Rider, his selections of movies make sense for who he is. Ask yourself what other actors take risks, the answer is not many, Nicolas Cage does, as far as others a lot of them have been nominated for Razzies this year.

Adam Sandler has been nominated for Razzies this year more than anyone in the history of the award. He was nominated in both the worst actor, actress, and worst on screen couple for Jack and Jill.
I have to admit, I first saw the trailer for the film, I couldn’t believe it was real, I thought it was a Funny or Die video or another “Re-Do” LINK from Funny People.   
Sandler does not care what anyone thinks at this point, he didn’t care about representing a woman that actually seemed like a woman nor highly homoerotic moments with his costar Al Pacino. In this movie, Sandler did something I completely respect, he went for all out funny, all out goofy with no intent on finding a moral. The idea is so high concept, it’s equally high concept that people thought he was trying to make a critical success is laughable. He made this one for his hardcore fans and not surprisingly it made money. Sandler is one of my favorite comedians, I’ve been loyal since the Waterboy, His movies make ridiculous amounts of money despite the atrocious and vicious reviews they receive.

When Sandler was in college he was told to quit acting because he would never make it and the reviews seem to indicate the same thing. So when Sandler succeeds at the box office it represents a revolt against critics and correct “taste.”

A large part of the Razzies are reserved for the Hollywood Blockbusters that made gorges of money and “didn’t” offer any surprises or breaks from genres. For the most part though The Razzies nominations are for the actors that do surprise us. From James Franco (Your Highness, actually has many funny parts) to Al Pacino, these actors break the from what we expect of them.

And the Razzies choose to punish and criticize these risk takers that are trying to stay away from the Hollywood tropes, the Razzies denounce difference and risk taking, which strangely is the point of the awards. They want Hollywood to make unexpected films, but when Hollywood tries and “fails,” they never hear the end of it. 

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