Friday, March 23, 2012

Save John Carter (Originally of Mars) Rally! The Aftermath

Good news. I raised more than I thought. Tickets were actually 11.50, putting a major dent in the total loss for Disney. Time to put it on the big board.

$200,000,000 loss

I was accompanied by 3 strangers and an employee walked through with a orange glow lamp to search for stragglers twice. So I'm rounding the total to 5. Which makes the Save John Carter (Originally of Mars) Rally! a major success. But how was John Carter?

Here's some thoughts:


 1. Good to see Will Smith making another movie, he hasn't made one since Seven Pounds in 2008. However, the vehicle in MIB III looks an awful like Mr. Garrison's invention IT in South Park:

2. Feel bad for ScarJo in Avengers, she only has a simple hand gun when giant robots or aliens are attacking. And she's the only girl. Odds on which Superhero has the best chance of kissing her by the end of the movie.
Iron Man: 3/2- any superhero ever been this charming? No.
Capt. America: 3/1- Competition already set up in the trailer with Iron Man, maybe this is the field on which they compete.
Thor: 5/1- Chicks dig the Hammer.
Hulk: 7/1- Could happen, might not be consensual.
Hawkeye- 20/1- Bow and arrow, hey it worked for Hunger Games.
Nick Fury- Odds not available
Green Lantern: Awkward...
Bill Murray: heavy favorite

Feature Presentation:

1. Gravity and Prison scenes are high spots, won't ruin them for you (worthless thought).

2. The vehicles and costumes remind me of Waterworld, but in space. Needless to say, love Costner in that movie.

3. I haven't blinked yet. I am that into this. Just saw Brian Cranston, good choice.

4. The budget was 350 million and every penny shows in the film, it looks gorgeous, so detailed and immersive.

5. Girl of interest, has a bit of a tummy. No, well she's actually skinny, but not like the usual Hollywood hot girl in a film. Good to see this, I like that she is a warrior and not a model. Nice choice in casting.

6. Realized I have a strong resemblance to the White Ape, is this nickname taken?
6. Marc Anthony from  ROME, not surprisingly has a killer scene, which he completely steals and provides a major uplift. 

7. SPOILER ALERT, well sort of: SPOILER
None of the good guys die, not even close. I don't know where else this happens, even minor good guys don't die. 

8. I think they set-up a sequel, but it won't happen. I am depressed. Oh, and now it's dedicated to Steve Jobs. More depressed. 

9. Credits: So many people worked on this film, it's incredible. I always stay to see which CGI films will have the most. This is definitely in the running.  

10. Start your own Save John Carter (Originally of Mars) Rally!

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