Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Canceled: NBC's Bent and HBO's Luck

Five episodes in and one to go for the end of the season. Bent was a nice surprise that came out of nowhere with a great cast and hilarious almost incomprehensible language barrier in the excitement that J.B. Smoove brought to his character. And this fails to capture the fresh and witty David Walton, an almost blue collar House with bro tendencies. And a wonderful performance as always by Jeffery Tambor playing an out of work actor, who also teaches. Man it was great. Then I found out, there would not be an episode after number six, it was dead on arrival. NBC had rushed it through airing two episodes at a time, despite being high on the show according to It had happened again, I had lost another new show, especially when I was still in grief for the unbelievably detailed character portraits in HBO's incredible show LUCK (Luck had the misfortune of having too many horses die, despite exceeding industry standards in order to keep the horses safe).

Both shows ended with cliffhangers propelling you into the next season, but of course there's no season to be had. And they were right at the moment of "what's next?" They were setting up Season 2 which is often the best season of a show anyway. So what does a viewer do? Pray to the Gods of Netflix to relaunch the shows as they have done with Arrested Development? Cry?

With both shows, I watched the "unbeknownst to them finales" and at the end I felt the same thing: bad. I wanted, needed to know what happened to these people who I spent 9 hours with in LUCK and 2 hours with in Bent. And I'll never know, just like another David Milch classic Deadwood. So goodbye Bent and Luck, we hardly knew ye.

Maybe the shows go off to a better place like my childhood dog Robbie that my parents took to a farm so he could run free in the fields of corn. Yeah... yeah, that's it.

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  1. A Cable channel should pick up the show..

  2. Nbc, I think the must be for blows.

  3. both were crap shows that were rightfully cancelled...