Monday, April 16, 2012

The Men of GCB

GCB, secretly known as Good Christian Bitches, is a perfect title for a show that masks dirty sex jokes behind the guise of Christian scripture. The show revolves around a woman who returns to Texas after her husband died while receiving oral copulation from another woman while driving. On her return, she must deal with high school rivals to whom she used to bully.

The women are the stars of the show, including the incredibly funny Kristin Chenoweth and a scene stealing Jennifer Aspen as Sharon Peachem, who spawned the brilliant idea for a bible inspired diet called “Losing it With Jesus.”

But the real reason to watch the show is… wait for it… the men. 

Not because they have the best lines, 

Not because their the best actors… 

But because they're not. 

The men are given so few lines when they aren’t shirtless that their delivery becomes an anticipated event.

 Every time I see a man on screen, I get so excited about the possibility of them speaking that I immediately turn the volume up. 

From the Christian Minister to the collection of husbands come off like soft-core porn stars who have wandered on to the set. 

That isn’t to say they aren’t good, what I’m saying it is fantastic. Their performances are infinitely fun because they are such shallow portraits of men that their shallowness actually creates depth. This is because you have to imagine and justify for yourself why any of these men would say these things, and you end up with elaborate backstories for the male characters. 

The show knows its audience and its delivering the goods of sex and sassy Texas women, but no matter how many beautiful women they put on this show, I'll still be watching for the men. 

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