Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Three Stooges, Box Office, and Hunger Games

When I first saw the Three Stooges Trailer, even I was worried about quality, it looked flat, unfunny, and painful. I prayed for a mistake, that they hadn’t shown the funny parts, but with a comedy script sitting on the shelf for about 25 years (New York Post) and with stars the likes of Sean Penn, Jim Carrey, and Benicio Del Toro dropping out, indications weren't good. 

Comedies have the hardest time maintaining their punch over the years, what’s funny changes, especially shock comedy which the directors the Farrelly Brothers specialize in. (Needless to say, King Pin is actually better now that it was then, Bill Murray’s is so over the top funny, that I’m not sure anyone else could have pulled it off.)

It wasn’t until the television spot that challenged the critics that I knew The Three Stooges was going to be great. They called out their future naysayers, “The New York Times will never know what hit it” in their trailer. The advertising geniuses must have felt that most people are already split on whether the Stooges are funny or not, so why not take a shot at the critics? And guess what? They landed many positive reviews and a 42%, which is actually pretty good for a comedy.

From that moment, I knew this project was going to be something different. I was on born, gung-ho for a comedy team of the Stooges that I knew little about. 

And it’s a passion project, these are the types of films I want to see made. And if you want to talk passion project, look at the Farrelly Brothers donating a percentage of the back-end of the film to the Stooges. 

And The Stooges, of all movies, has a chance to take down Hunger Games from the top box office spot this weekend, although when I tried to see Hunger Games this Friday it was sold out. But this time I’m having faith, I’m trusting that people want to laugh with their kids at a fun PG movie and have two generations meet in laughter. 

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