Monday, June 4, 2012

The Best Almost Integrated Movie Songs

I know there's more than I listed here, so if you have suggestions please help. I just realized that was the most pathetic sentence to start a blog, but it's staying in because I'm typing too many words in this sentence to go back and delete it.

You know how you're watching a movie and then in the credits there's a song that references the movie you just watched? It came up last week when I was watching MIB III, I waited till the credits expecting a new hot Will Smith track, instead I was hit with the new Pitbull song instead.

Here's a list of other credit movie referencing songs that were not integrated into the movie:

1. Around the World in 80 Days. I will watch any Jackie Chan movie and will continue you to even though apparently he can no longer walk before noon because of all the injuries he's taken. This isn't the best credit song and hardly references the film, but I was taken aback when I heard the name Phileas Fogg as a lyric. Thank you Dave Stewart, sounding like Steve Coogan, for your wonderful lyrics: "the race is won a feat for man. 80 days since it all began. Crowds are cheering for Phileas Fogg. Mice are dancing with cats and dogs." The song's about how humans are great or imperialism.

2. Ace Ventura Pet Detective. I am not afraid to admit it, I am a huge Tone Loc fan, Wild Thing, great song, no doubt. And his performance in Bebe's Kids, a lesser known cartoon, as Pee Wee still goes down as one of my favorite all time voice over performances (and he's a lizard in Fern Gully). If you haven't seen Bebe's Kids you need to, immediately. 


Anyway Ton Loc made an appearance as Ace's only friend in Pet Detective. Why you ask? It's because we needed this credit song. 

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret of the Ooze. This next credit song was so good that they couldn't even keep it in the credits, it jumped into the movie. And yes, it's Vanilla Ice's second best song, I'd argue best because "Go Ninja, Go Ninja Go" is a phrase I use constantly and the beat wasn't stolen from David Bowie. 

5.  Dragnet. Dragnet is a funny movie, straight up. But I'll only remember Tom Hanks rapping. Rapping seems to be a common thread throughout these videos, I can't really explain why, maybe rappers want to reach kids, but I wish Hanks had at least produced a couple albums after this.

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