Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Brave at 76% on Rotten Tomatoes

76%. 76% is ridiculous.

Again I have a beef with RT and it's more than legitimate than my last plea for A Thousand Words (Eddie Murphy, needless to say the movie was produced by Nic Cage). Any movie that gives me chills is at least over 80%, any movie I can enjoy simultaneously with my mom is an 85%, and any movie that makes me cry is 90%.

Brave did all three.

I'm 0 for 3 in the last Pixar movies I've seen (Up, Brave, Toy Story 3, hurray for short titles) at withholding tears. Throughout Brave, I was shocked at the seemingly random times a lone droplet attempted to escape from the maximum security prison of my tear ducts. But despite extra security I placed at the cell, we had a few runaways.

There's this sequence that is breathtakingly beautiful in its combination of music, scenery, and the endless watchability of Merida's hair that I almost got up out of my chair because I thought the movie was over, it's that good.

There are sequences that completely capture the essence of "Momness" that it's impossible not to identify with the characters. And I think that's what Pixar does best, it's their silent sequences, their gestures that speak more powerfully than their dialogue. It's the smallest actions within these moments that makes you think that you are the only one in the theater who noticed.

It's the experience of being in a theater with others, but within that because there is such detail in all their work it creates a very distinct individual experience for everyone. And yet it's a family movie that anyone can understand. That's Pixar.

Now I haven't seen Madagascar 3 (76%), but I can't imagine any world where it is better than Brave ( I hate criticizing things I haven't seen). It seems absurd to have to defend a Pixar movie, but the critics were overly harsh on this film because of that reason alone, it's a Pixar movie. They expect them to top themselves every time out, instead of appreciating a good movie. There's nothing wrong with this movie though, unless you really dislike Gingers.

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