Tuesday, June 12, 2012

LXG v Avengers

Unemployment is fun. You wake up at 2 and have the extraordinary pleasure of watching League of Extraordinary Gentleman (see what I did there? I used extraordinary twice in the same sentence). Even better, you get to wonder what it would be like if those guys teamed up with the Avengers and then those guys teamed up with the Justice League and then those guys teamed up with the Super Best Friends from South Park. That would be a good team and quite a movie and you’d probably have to use a very wide lens to capture them as they strode in a line in slow motion toward the final battle. 

Let me get back to LXG (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), which is actually not as horrible as you remember, in fact it’s kind of exactly like Avengers. There are eery similarities, which I will list below.

 However few people remember (not sure if this is true or not that if it really is only a few, but by placing myself in the few, it raises my confidence in the job market), but LXG is Sean Connery’s last movie. WHAT! I know, right? 

For how many people loved Connery and his lasting cultural impact (an older actor that even young kids know, almost unthinkable nowadays, next one of these will be Harrison Ford), very few got to say good-bye to a man who despite all odds got of his cell in THE ROCK, said Pussy Galore, and once killed a man for impersonating him (he didn't, but you believed it could be true) .

Back in 2003, I was there supporting Connery, foregoing T3 with my friends as I failed to explain how cool british literature is (side note: watching Connery alone, it’s like he’s seducing you. It’s great). Judging from the fact that it only pulled down 66 million at the box-office, obviously British lit is uncool. But, I think it’s about time we rolled back to say farewell to an actor bold enough to wear this:

 Similarities to Avengers (contains spoilers for Avengers, just kidding if you haven’t seen it yet, you don’t deserve to see it), of course the structures are similar as are all team movies, you could compare the Avengers to The Replacements as well, but damn it I needed something to write:

1.     Transportation: 
     The LXG hang out on Nemo’s giant sub the Nautilus and hang out in a room to discuss ideas and plans.
Avengers: flying aircraft carrier and constant arguments that cause the Hulk to go Hulk.

2.     All American Boy seems out of place: 
      Tom Sawyer next to British heroes.
Avengers: Captain America hanging out with Tony Stark.

3.     Going to the far reaches of the earth to recruit a member:
      To Africa for Quatermain (Connery)
Avengers: To India for Hulk

4.     Bad guy toting a staff and weird head gear: M in LXG
      Loki in Avengers

5. Mr. Hyde and Hulk, this one is too obvious, I almost didn’t note it

5.     Having to repair their damaged transportation or they’ll crash and sink
6.     Trying to stop all out war (World War v. Intergalactic or universe war)

7.     Guy who rallies them together betrays them a little bit: LXG: Sanderson and M 
     Avengers: Nick Fury (doesn’t tell them the whole truth)

The Avengers is missing one thing and that’s an amazing beard:

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