Monday, July 2, 2012

Anderson Cooper's Gay or Something, I Can't Remember

We used to live in a country where coming out was important, now it's boring as evidenced today by Anderson Cooper. In a letter to Daily Beast writer Andrew Sullivan (Link). Sullivan notices the trend that people are not as surprised or interested in the person's sexuality when that person chooses to come out. It perhaps shows that we've grown as a society and have become more accepting since the proliferation of stars, who have embraced their sexuality and happen to be very popular (Gaga, Neil Patrick Harris, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ricky Martin). I now bemoan the death of the coming out party.

Of course with Cooper, it could be the case that maybe no one cares because no one cares about the news or newscasters as Aaron Sorkin has informed us. And of course everyone suspected that Cooper was gay for many years, but seriously if he can't even break the top 5 US Magazine stories...

Aniston in a bikini is 2. 

Jim Parsons (Sheldon) of the Big Bang Theory came out and no one cared. For some reason people thought it was more interesting that he was pretending to have an imaginary friend on Broadway. link

In fact, when the hell did all these people come out? LINK

Oh how I long for the days, where after hiding their sexuality for so long it got the big reveal like Ellen, complete with a sitcom set-up! (Of course, this killed Ellen's career for a while, but looking back it's the most dramatic coming out ever.)
(Skip to 3:30)

And then this: 

 The classic coming out knee bend and sitting on one's haunches (for those of you that don't know, when you come out, you have to strike this pose, it's a lot like the "getting down on one knee" marriage proposal. If you don't get down in this pose, you aren't technically out of the closet.) That's coming out ladies and gentleman. And Ellen's head blocks the "TI" in TIME, leaving just "ME." And that's what it's all about ME, it's your moment in the spotlight, you're awesomeness. She was gay, not anyone else, it made her even more special. The Outing had it all: style, class, and laughs. 

So where’s my Anderson Cooper Gay Pride Parade? Why must it be replaced with the lamest reporting on a coming out party ever (the reporter seems to equate coming out and dying)?

Damn you Silver Fox! Why wasn’t this a bigger deal? We were all waiting for you to and in that long wait, I was ready to party. I was expecting something similar to when we killed Osama and people partied in the streets or when we elected Obama and we marched the streets of Berkeley.

It was so much more exciting when he might’ve been gay, it gave the Ridiculist an aura of “is he flirting with me right now?” It's good that people are coming out and supporting young kids that struggle with issues of sexuality, it just isn't as exciting as it used to be. 

They come out of nowhere now and quietly they disappear. There's no Ellen build up, those days are gone. It's almost more interesting if someone comes out as straight. Our only hope for excitement is if a professional athlete exits the closet, and I'm ready for a full March Madness cut down the net celebration. WOO!!! 

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(I'm Bi.)

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