Friday, July 6, 2012

Tom Cruise, TomKat, Name Calling, and Jack Reacher

IN my continuing coverage of the TomKat split, there has been a consistent vilification of Cruise, in part because of his strong ties to scientology and the possibility that he may be one of the head honchos of the religion. Scientology may have weird camps for children on boats, where their daughter Suri may have been sent and they may have people following Katie Holmes. In the end, many stars have been involved in scientology including Jerry Seinfeld (link), so we can assume that there must be something intriguing about the religion, but I’m not here to defend scientology, I’m here to defend Tom Cruise.

In a recent Yahoo article (LINK), Cruise was lambasted for calling Katie Holmes, “Kate.” Cruise continued to call her Kate “even though neither her friends nor her family has ever called her that.”

“During an interview with All Headline News, he [Cruise] explained, ‘Katie is a young girl’s name. Her name is Kate now – she’s a child-bearing woman." At the time, it was also reported that Holmes had agreed upon the name change “after discussing it with Tom” and as a result “all friends and family now call her Kate.’”

Yahoo goes on to report that this was not true and no one called her Kate, but Cruise.They even end with a cheap pop, "By filing for divorce, Katie is also shedding another unwanted name: Mrs. Tom Cruise."

Although, the phrase “child bearing woman” comes off as a creepy turn of phrase, the “name-calling” is a harmless act. We can vilify Cruise for the strange practices of Scientology, but criticizing him for using a derivative of his wife’s name is absurd. Yahoo asks us to extend this knowledge into proof that Tom was controlling and attempting to make Katie something she was not. On the other hand, a husband always calls his wife things that other people don’t call her (ie Poopsie).

But most importantly, Tom Cruise calls things whatever he wants, take for instance his monkey in Rock of Ages, which he dubbed “Hey Man.” He’s Tom Cruise! Isn't that all we need to know? He’s just trying transform other people’s names to make theirs as cool as his. Has any Hollywood star ever had a better name? He even changed his own name from  Thomas Cruise Mapother IV. I'm already over the divorce because Tom released a new trailer proving why women will never stop marrying him, and we’ll never stop liking him. 

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