Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yahoo's Spiderman Where Are They Now?

On a day that Andy Griffith died, there are a minimal number of stories that shift my attention away from giving him his proper respect, but sometimes Yahoo outdoes themselves. (Side note: THR reports that Griffith’s family had him in the ground five hours after he died. That’s incredible and obviously connotes the world class special treatment that world famous celebrity can garner even in death. I think Griffith starts a trend here, celebrities will be racing to get under ground, which will start a immediate cremation trend with celebs hoping they die in a fire to speed the process).

Yahoo’s Where Are They Now chronicling the histories of the stars of the first Spiderman Trilogy, which ended all of five years ago. Usually the spot on Yahoo deals with sitcoms of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, not movies made as recently as 2007 (LINK)

Before I opened the page, I was of the opinion that it would be actual GPS locations documenting that James Franco was currently in summer session at NYU, Room 207. 

I was wrong. 

Apparently, James Franco and Tobey still make movies, despite their ascent into old age. I was worried that Tobey had been put down as each step he took caused significant pain.

“Where Are They Now?” articles are essentially pre-obituaries. Not many come out looking good because there are always more failures than successes, especially if you already had a huge success that defined your career. 

The articles leave you wondering where you can leave a donation to help the struggling actors, who brought joy years ago. The drug problems, the rehab, the broken marriages, and passing up of life changing roles encompass the unwilling participants. It’s a glorification of the past and a damning of the present.   

But, in the case of Spiderman, is it too early to glorify the past? 

It’s hard not to when there wasn’t a true need to relaunch the franchise, the Spidey flicks had not gone stale with Tobey, who is ageless. Can you think of another actor who looks and plays a young person in every film he’s in? 

The man is 37. 37. That's unbelievable. He looks 20, 25 tops. 

And he’s in Gatsby as Nick Carraway. He’ll be 60 and be able to play a newborn. The point is he could have played Spiderman until he died, which I doubt he ever will.

Ultimately, we needed the early glorification of the Spiderman Trilogy if only for the reason that Katie Perry’s movie is currently beating the new The Amazing Spiderman by 1% on Rotten Tomatoes. Luckily the box office suggests that we won’t have an immediate “Where are they now?” for the new Spidey crew. But then again, it might already be to late (not sure that makes sense, but I wanted to end vague and dark).

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