Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Cage Year

It's been a long year for the Hollywood Defender and tonight represents the last blog of the year. We made it to 100 and thanks for all your support. If it hadn't been for Nic Cage I don't think I would have made it through this trying year. The man is an inspiration to all. So the final blog will represent a thank you note to everything I love about Nicolas Cage in 2012.

1. His hair
2. His memes
3. Ghost Rider 2
4. Stolen
5. His Big Daddy rumors in Kick Ass 2
6. His dedication to his craft
7. His vow to pay back the government
8. The Hungry Rabbit Jumps
9. His masquerade mask wearing self
10. The tease of Frozen Ground
11. The Croods Trailer
12. The promise of National Treasure 3
13. The future
14. The comeback

Thanks Nic and to all his fans, let's hope 2013 represents another great year in Cage. And of course, the only meme I created all year.



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