Monday, December 31, 2012

Live Like Cage in 2013

The New Year is coming with a big unlucky 13 attached to it. I’m sure we are all making NYE resolutions that we won’t end up keeping. We’ll find reasons not to do the things we actually care about and pay more attention to our minor problems than the life altering events. Can we affect change? We can. If only we live by the CODA of CAGE. What? Nicolas Cage? Yes. Nicolas Cage. The Nicolas Cage. That Nicolas Cage. How can a man who didn’t pay his taxes and hasn’t had a blockbuster hit in years be a role model for the coming year? I’m glad you asked.

The Coda of Cage can be followed in 3 simple steps:

1. Conquer your fears:
Do you know what Nicolas Cage hates? Bugs, with a specific hatred reserved for Cockroaches. What does Nicolas Cage snack on in a Vampire’s Kiss despite the fact it wasn’t written into the script? Cockroaches.
Most of us have fears of many things whether it be our bosses, our children, our futures, small elevators, and success. The best way to deal with those fears is close your eyes and take a big old bite out of them, unworried about the consequences. Cage took the plunge because he felt it was right for the character and the movie. Imagine that your life is a movie that you are watching. You’d be yelling at that character to do the right thing hurling popcorn at the screen because he doesn’t make the action move forward because he’s afraid. But in our own lives, it’s hard to see it objectively, we are way more accepting of our own inaction or we hate our inaction and focus the hate on ourselves.
Cage conquered a fear that he didn’t even have to. He forced himself to. Be the Cage. "Crush that Fly" and Bite that cockroach.

2. Don’t worry about other people’s opinions

In fact treat them like you don’t give a fuck.
Have you ever been at the gym and thought? I’m lifting weights too loud? I’m making too many splashes in the pool? Everyone must be staring at me?
Or on the road, am I driving fast enough for the driver behind me? Did I signal early enough? Why does everyone ever honk at me?
Or do I munch my popcorn at the movies too loudly?
The answer to these questions is that Nicolas Cage does not give a flying fuck if he does. Let me explain.

When Nicolas Cage did not pay his taxes, he needed cash, badly. He could have cashed in on a bunch of sequels to his most popular films: Face-Off, Con Air, The Rock,  and National Treasure.

What did Cage do?

He made Season of the Witch (plays a crusader)  and Drive Angry 3D (plays a man who escapes from hell to avenge his daughter by saving her daughter from the occult, while being chased by Satan’s right hand man). You don’t do that if want to make money. In fact, it shows how little you care about what other people think, especially critics. He made those films because it was what he wanted to do as an artist at the time. And as an artist he doesn’t give a fuck about what other people thinks. He makes art for himself.

Think about all the decisions you would have made differently last year if you didn’t care what other people thought about you? My guess is more movies than Nicolas Cage has coming out in 2013.

Live as if no one else is watching because it is your life not theirs. And Even if they are watching, who cares? Cage doesn’t.

3. Money isn’t everything, spend what you want.

To paraphrase Cage, he never want to be comfortable with my money because it will make him soft and leave him without the hunger for life and art. Cage blew a lot of money over the years on a lot of things, a Superman Comic and a T-Rex skull. And yeah the IRS are up his ass, but he’s the hardest working man in show business, while other actors are happy to sit on their money and release less than a film a year.

Money makes you soft. It gives you a sense of comfort that that doesn’t exist. The hard workers are the ones that need the money that need the success, but the drive is gone once you get to the top. Not with Cage, he fell to the bottom and is in the process of regaining his comfy life. And it has given him a crazy life that many envy. He’s relearning the difficult life and it will only make him tougher and more resilient in the future.

Live like Cage, it will change your life.

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